Road Trip :: Billings, Montana


As soon as we pulled up to Krista's driveway, we could see Michael's little face peeking out the side window by the front door.

The boys were elated to be reunited with their friend.
We quickly unpacked & settled the kids in for bed.
The next morning Josh's Master's program would begin.

While Josh (and Leah, who flew in late Sunday night) were on campus, Krista & I managed to entertain seven littles, age five and under.

Some days were easier than others, and I will admit, my kids were NOT on their best behavior.  But together we made it through the days.

One afternoon we took them all swimming.

And since it was shallow and there were two life guards, I let the boys swim without life jackets.  Logan & Jack were actually swimming, under water, from one end to the other. It was so awesome!

It was super fun to have the kids all together, but my favorite part was visiting with Krista.

She & Joe have taught in Marshall for seven years, this will be their eighth.  
When they came, they weren't even married. 
Now they have four beautiful children.

They are inspiring.  They take this whole lifestyle in stride.

They abide by the same standard we do.
We will stay for as long as it works for our family.

It's so much fun to talk to Krista about parenting, about bedtimes & routines, about school & identical twins. We talked about parenting goals and whether we want more kids or not.

I really felt for her while I was there because Joe was already gone to Alaska.  He will be our principal this year, which has Josh and I excited beyond belief, but means he had to leave weeks before the rest of us.



:: and again ::



Go Logan!

High jump!

I was happy to be able to help Krista out a little bit by watching the kids two morning so she could go to appointments without all four tagging along.

Aside from playing inside, riding bikes & going to the pool, we played in the back yard.

The kids loved it,

and quite frankly so did I.
I tried to soak up as much sun as I could, knowing how I will long for it come winter in Alaska!

Meanwhile, Wyatt tried to keep it cool!

Before we knew it, our week was up in Billings, and we were loading up the car and saying goodbye to our friends. But only for a little while.  We would meet up with them again in Seattle on Tuesday en route to Marshall.

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Such great pictures!!! I love the boys jumping in!! And them with their hats on playing, so cute! What a beautiful play structure they have!
I miss you all so much. Hugs and kisses!