Camping at Cougar :: Day 4

Last year on the last day of camp, I talked with my mom and she agreed that we should stay for longer this year.  It's basically the same amount of work whether you stay one night or six, so we thought we'd extend the fun this year. We stayed four nights, five days and honestly, I could have stayed even longer!

The kids love camping,

even if they do get super filthy!

Case in point.

The view from inside our tent
I was still recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, so I spent a lot of time in our tent, napping with Wyatt or resting because I was nauseous from the vicodin I was taking.

Along with my nephew Isaiah (my brother's son who lives with my mom & dad) my parents brought Isaiah's best friend Antonio.  He's a great kid, and the twins adore him.

The boys really enjoyed the water.
Swimming, snorkeling, jumping off the dock.

They were cracking me up trying their gear on!

Wyatt is like a puppy.

Really cute,
and good at begging.


My mom braided my hair for me,
here's my attempt at capturing it.

I got so many good pictures of this guy.
All that natural light made him very photogenic!

The twins weren't the only ones who enjoyed bike riding.

Ferris hopped on his bike, too, and learned how to pedal while we were camping!!!

This is the best picture we captured of our "tiny tailgaters".
Man, I love those boys!!!

And here is what the rest of the pictures looked like!

At one point, the boys kept fighting. So I wanted to go for a walk.  I knew I would take Wyatt, but I decided to take Jack, too.  He was not happy.

But eventually he cheered up!

Our walk was gorgeous.

Jack took a picture of Wyatt and me.

And this one of Wyatt running up ahead.

We took advantage of the beautiful lighting to do an impromptu photo shoot.


Back at camp, we found the other boys had discovered another snake!

I held it and pretended to kiss it while Isaiah took pictures.

What you can't see in this picture is Logan at my elbow screaming that the snake is going to bite me! He was very worried!

I assured him, I wouldn't get hurt.

And neither would they.
Later, while the kids were making smores,

my dad got out his guitar and we {tried} to sing a few songs together.

It was fun,

and I love the sound of the guitar.
My sister and me.

We are a little over four years apart, which seemed bigger when we were younger. Now the age difference feels negligible, and we're best friends regardless.

We never dreamed we'd have babies at the same time. She always said she wouldn't get married until she was much, much older, and would adopt her babies. 

Then she met the love of her life and started a family with him.  

Having our five boys in a three year span has been fun, crazy and chaotic.  

And we wouldn't have it any other way!
** One thing I really miss about home, aside from my family, is our car! **
Isn't it beautiful???


Rox said...

I laughed out loud at the picture of Antonio!
Isn't it funny how we think our lives will go, versus how they actually play out? I agree that our age difference pretty much vanished once I got married. Also, weird to think that I only got married 3 years after you, but in that time I grew up a LOT.
Camping was fun, I already miss it and am looking forward to next year.

Marilynn Raatz said...

Such a great time and I'm so happy to see the pictures! I could've lived without the snake....
Ferris learning to pedal was awesome!
My new favorite pictures are the ones of all the little boys, and you and Roxanne!
Milo in the tiny tub was hilarious!
I am so thankful we can do this together!