Camping at Cougar :: Day 3

The big boys really enjoyed camping this year. They were excited when we were packing, when we were driving, and once we arrived, I thought they might spontaneously combust.

Above is a picture of Jack getting water for me from the spigot.  He was so happy to help.  It was really nice.

In addition to being happy to help, they were also happy to ride their bikes.  Cougar is one big loop, which made bike rides simple.  My second favorite part of camping (second only to being in the water) as a child was riding around the loop with my cousin Kimmy.
The afternoon of the third day, we all trekked down to the swimming hole.

It was a beautiful day.

And there was fun to be had!

My mom's dog Sadie came camping with us.

She is a wheaton Scottish Terrier, or Scottie dog.
She enjoyed the water as well!

We had only been there a short while when we found a snake!

The big boys were fascinated.

My dad scooped it up!

And all the kids took turns holding it.




I even braved the water.

Wyatt & Milo spent some time in the mud bath.
I couldn't believe Wyatt laid down in it!!!

My mom's peacock tattoo.


My little sister Roxanne

Mommy & Wyatt

This view looks the same as ever.
Year after year, it takes my breath away.

All that play time tuckered Wyatt out.

Who doesn't love holding a sleeping baby?
After our fun in the sun, we had dinner, followed by smores.

The quintessential camping experience.

Wyatt doesn't need a graham cracker or a marshmallow to enjoy his smore (AKA chocolate bar)!

On the way to the bathroom the boys would sing, 

"Oh we're going in the girls bathroom!

It was so hilarious!

Such goofballs!

I drank in the feeling of being amongst the trees.
But now looking back, I wonder if I enjoyed it enough.

After yet another day of playing hard,

the boys crashed. Hard.

I always like to have a picture of our campsite.  Here is this years.
The tent.

And the kitchen.  And Wyatt the photo bomber on the right.

All these memories, 
and can you believe it, more to come!


Olivia said...

One thing I love about Alaska-- no snakes! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Hope everyone's feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how exactly I found your blog but I've followed it on and off randomly for over a year now (I think) :D

Anyways, a line you wrote asked if you really enjoyed it enough. I hope this comes off in a gentle and kind manner because that is truly my intent - but you need to extend yourself some grace and let go of some of the pressue! :D I think with the whole cherish every moment business that some big blogs push it puts a LOT of unneeded pressure on us moms. Motherhood is HARD. We are in the trenches and one day we will look back fondly on the sleepless nights the constant attention they need and so on but it's okay to not enjoy every single second. It makes you human! I've read your blog a lot and I just want to hug you often and say extend some grace to yourself and lighten up a bit (PLEASE know this is not coming from a mean or negative place and it's hard to note tone through type). Some days truly suck as a wife and mom - the exhaustion, the laundry, the cooking, the crying, the fighting but it's oh so amazing and worth it but don't feel this over whelming pressure to soak up every single minute if that makes sense? I read a REALLY good blog post on this whole "enjoy every second" movement and how it can be kind of a drag...Let me see if I can find it and if I can I'll leave the link in another comment.

Again, hopefully this comment doesn't come across negatively at all and I've enjoyed "hearing" about your family's journey!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few different blogs about not worrying about enjoying every minute. I have a ten month old (so I'm a newbie mom) but it helped alleviate a ton of mom-guilt and pressue.




Marilynn Raatz said...

I can't believe how big the twins are, helping and singing songs about the girls bathroom! Ha! I love the pictures of the boys jumping in the water! And Sadie - oh she had fun.
I just couldn't try the mud bath, but Wyatt and Milo sure made it look fun!
And I do love the mom from the above comment. Being in the moment is hard sometimes with all the business of motherhood. These pictures help you relive it and reassure yourself that you were present. Already I'm looking forward to next year! Love, Mom xoxo