Camping at Cougar :: Days 1 & 2

Oh camping.

Oh camping how we love you.

This year we went camping again at Cougar (where I grew up camping) with my parents and my sister and Josh's brother. There was a whole gang of us, and we had so much fun.  I got glimpses this year into what future camping will look like.  The boys entertaining themselves, me sitting in a camp chair with a good book... It looks so dreamy!

This guy is amazing. 
I know you know that, as I have been singing his praises all summer, but on this camping trip it was especially true.  I spent the entire day Friday in bed. Napping and agonizing, still in pain from my wisdom tooth extraction, and nauseous from the pain pills.  This meant Josh not only manned the children, he also packed everything.

I am so grateful for him.

He packed the car and loaded the kids and I crept to the car.  I was horrendously nauseous the entire drive, but when we finally got there, and the good times began.  

Setting up camp, running around in the dirt,

and hanging with our loved ones!

My sister's little one, Milo, is four months younger that Wyatt.  
They are pretty cute together!
On the second day we swam down at the water hole, and I caught a salamander for the boys!  I loved swimming with them there because the water was really low, so they were super comfortable, which meant we had a lot more fun!  The water was freezing (!!!) but felt so good.

{Fear not: the salamander was released shortly after these pictures!}

We also played with our brothers,

and did some dancing.

Back at camp that night, we roasted marshmallows,

fighting with the smoke for the sake of a golden mallow.

All three big boys were overjoyed to sit down and enjoy their treats.



All too soon it was bedtime for the twins.  We got jammies on, went potty, read books, rubbed them down with bug-bite wipes to keep the mosquitos away, and before their heads hit their pillows they were OUT!

Look how sweet they are in their big boy sleeping bags.

Oh I do love those boys. 
And I love sleeping in our tent together as a family.

This little guy, though, had NO interest in going to sleep.

Instead of fighting it, I just rolled with it and let him stay up.  One of the benefits I am finding of having a singleton, is that it is much easier to just go with the flow. I don't have to worry if Wyatt gets off his "schedule" because there's only him to worry about. It's sooo lovely.  I am really enjoying it.

Josh and I even took him on an evening walk, just the three of us, with my parents back at camp keeping an ear out for the twins.

He thought he was so cool going for a walk in his dino jammies and shark boots. 

Such a big, big boy.

My boy.

He is just my very heart.

And I love him.

When we got back to camp he and Milo decided they needed some glow-in-the-dark bling.

Ferris, Wyatt & Milo

I think Ferris loves baby Wyatt as much as I do!!!

Stay tuned:
More to come

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Such a great time! I love these boys so much!! And when Wyatt kisses you, you know it! Those darling hands grabbing your face awww! And you look beautiful Shelly!