let's get real

{my messy kitchen + loads of unfolded laundry}
I saw an awesome post on my friend Liz's facebook page. It was a real-mom's look at the inside of her hall closet. Tornado-ville.  She said she has tried every organizational trick under the sun, but two days later, it always ends up looking like it does now.

{the toys have taken over the dining room table}
She linked her moment of honesty to Momster-mash.com, where today's post was called "Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy".  I clicked over and read the piece about how easy it is to let other blogger moms or Pinterest pins makes us feel less than.  Their idea is to combat it with a glimpse into "real life" on Wednesdays.

It sounded inspiring to me, so I thought I'd snap some pictures of our house currently and play along. 

{this is the one free space in the house the kids can't reach, hence the piles}
I have been sick now for six days.  And just this morning, Josh came down with it. He is writhing in pain upstairs, feverish and miserable, and missing what is only the third day of school, while I am barely feeling better, trying to muster along caring for our three still-completely-active-and-healthy boys.  

My goal is to get through the day. 
Maybe even just the hour. 
Rest when I need to.  
Get done what I can when I can.  

Meanwhile, my house is gonna be looking "real" for a while,
and my kids are gonna look like this:
Plugged in to the Phineas & Ferb on the TV so this mama can get some much needed rest.


Kari said...

Wyatt's expression in the last photo intrigues me...is he sad? What does it mean? It's cute <3

Get Well Wishes to you and Josh!

quiltluvr said...

Glad you are feeling a little better but poor Josh with school just starting. Hope all of you can get back to 100% soon.

Love your "real" pics. I have wanted to take pictures of rooms in our house for insurance purposes but put it off until I can clean up. Ha! Hubby and I are empty nesters so I don't have kids to make it "real". :)