React to this term: comfort

Comfort to me is still my mom.  Comfort is being with her because she knows more, knows better.  Comfort is her voice on the phone, her arms in a hug, her hands cool on my face.

As I have grown, my mom and I have come to a place where we can comfort each other, and I think that's the best. Especially since she and I are so similar.  I am grateful that beyond being a mother & a daughter, we are friends.

That's the best comfort of all.


Karen Hochstrasser said...

You mom is amazing. I can see why she would be the meaning of comfort to you. It is so nice to see how good your relationship with your mom is.

Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a Wyatt kiss right now! Melting my heart!
I love you Shelly and I am so blessed to be your mom. Being your friend is a bonus I don't take for granted.

Kari Durrant said...


To answer your questions:
Yes, Kori had one. It was the same. It burned up in the fire :(
But she wasn't attached to hers like I am with mine.

Barb Miller said...

Love this post!