family funnies

Writing the boys' funnies a while back had me thinking of even more.
Like the time that Logan asked me why Josh wears bastards instead of regular underwear. 
I was dying. "Boxers," I corrected him, "Daddy wears boxers."

Or how when Jack wants to make a book, he asks if he can use the stampler.

And then there was the day I walked in the house and Jack approached me grinning and said, "Guess what daddy put in his hair? Jello!"

Over the summer, Josh had some trainings in Portland. So he was hugging Wyatt goodbye and Wyatt said, "Where you go, Daddy?" Josh told him he had to go to work. Wyatt replied, "Sorry bout that!"

While Josh was attending training, two of his coworkers from Marshall were in town. Joe, who is the principal this year, and Martin who was and is the assistant principal at the school.  When we were talking to Wyatt about seeing Martin I said, "You like Martin, don't you Wyatt?" He corrected me, "I love Martin."

The toilet seats in our rental were not super sturdy, and would slide side to side a bit if the boys tried to sit on them.  Jack said to me one afternoon in deep thought, "Mom, I think the workers must have forgotten to use the right screws and now our toilets are unstable. But that's weird because Roxanne's toilets aren't unstable!" (My sisters house was right next door with the same floor plan.)

The twins love to play walkie-talkies, although, really they could just shout across the house to hear each other, since that's what they do with them.  But what I really love is when they ask if they can play with them.  They call them walkie-ba-talkies.

Wyatt is in love with the movie Despicable Me.  He watches it every chance he gets.  This summer he would say, "What does Vector say?" and then he would answer himself, "Ohhhh yeah!" complete with pelvic thrusts just like Vector on the movie. 

In July Wyatt developed a sudden onset of separation anxiety, particularly at bedtime. He would cry when we would leave and scream, "Wait fa me! Wait fa me!"  And when he would wake up he would call, "Mommy, where are you? Come a get me!"

Thankfully his fear passed and within a few weeks bedtime was back to normal, but then he started trying delay tactics. Like telling me, "I need to poop!" which is hilarious both because he never poops at night, and also because he still wears a diaper!!!


Rox said...

These are cracking me up, Ferris and I both enjoyed the pictures. They made Ferris giggle!

The Pedersens said...

These cracked me up! Love it!

Krystal said...

Hilarious. Also, Logan looks just like you in the last picture!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love this post! They crack me up!!
Thank you!!