tell you no lies

So on Monday, I am supposed to take this survey & find out my personality type for Blogtember. But I have taken it before, so I would rather spend Monday's post answering questions you have about our family, our life in Alaska and pretty much anything in between.

Fire away!


Emily said...

Why homeschooling? I debate this in my mind for my children and our situation all the time. Just curious how you came to your decision.

Erika said...

Forever curious about your food/grocery situation, what meals and cooking are like for you, what substitutions do you use I'd you're out of an item? Pics of the co op store, maybe showing what's available on a couple different trips? More on your scrapbooks, what you get or want to get in care packages,....my list is endless!!,

Amanda said...

Pictures of the school......the post office....the grocery store and telling how long it takes to get to these places from ur home. What other buildings are in ur town? I have read all ur posts about the grocery shopping etc in alaska. Maybe i need to go back and look again....maybe there are pictures of these places already;)
And telling what u may do on a typical middle of winter can't go outside day. What do u do with the boys to keep allbur spirits up when there is so much darkness and so much cold?
Thanks! Really enjoy ur blog:)

allie. said...

what do you do mid winter when you can't really get outside and the kids are just....too much to handle?

Brittney said...

Do you have churches in Marshall? And do you go to one?

Bad Rebecca said...

I'm curious about the lives of the Native Alaskans who live there. What do the kids who graduate from high school do next? How much do they include you in their culture?

I've also read Women, Fiod, and God (and most of Geneen's other books) and always enjoy when you write about that. Talk about a-ha moments!

Pictures of the inside of the food co op would satisfy some curiosity, too!

I love your blog! Your boys are so adorable, and your honesty is so refreshing!

Kari said...

I feel bad I never sent you my Scentsy, do you still want it? LOL, I PROMISE to send it if you still want it!!

Kori Hiser said...

Kari's question cracks me up!
Is life in Alaska different than what you were expecting?

If you're having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

Where do you find inspiration?

Since you love to read, if you could choose one book as a mandatory read, which book would you choose?

Is there one thing that your boys do that drives you absolutely insane? (Like mine is the boys wrestling/rough housing with each other since they have no boundaries and will go until someone gets hurt.And they never learn their lesson so it's banned until they are older in my house!)

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

Do you have any tips for keeping the house in order?

S-J said...

What meals do you cook for your family?! Also do you have cable tv? Love your blog and even more so now your home as you post lots!! ;)

Lenny B. said...

Well, hello there, Shellster! :)

I know that EVCC turned you off from churches, but I'm curious about whether you've attended another church?
Do you think you'll ever give another church a try?
Do and Josh teach your kids about God?
Have you been able to meet/spend time with other families out there in Marshall (other parents for you and Josh; and other kids for your boys)?
In a house full of boys, do you ever wish you had a little girl, too?
Do you have any tv shows that your kids love that you can't stand?
How, where, and when do you and Josh get one on one time with a house full of boys?
Do you remember when we first met?
What do you enjoy the most about the holidays since you've moved to Alaska? What about the least?

Elizabeth said...

I was wondering if you have ever thought of taking an everyday medication for your GAD? Have you tried? (from someone who cant control it without meds).
Thanks for sharing.

Cheese Lady said...

Have you seen any polar bears near your house? How about wolfs? Why do the boys all wear bracelets are they allergic to something?