Carnival // Halloween

Wednesday night was the school carnival.  Josh had parent/teacher conferences, so we met him there.   Our neighbor dog, Thumper, wasn't sure what to make of Wyatt's costume. He was a Cougar. My mom found that costume for him, and I have to say, it was a huge hit!  Everyone commented on it.  And I just wanted to squeeze him up!

The twins were police officer partners, and everyone kept asking if they were troopers because that's the police force we have out here. (Well, not actually in Marshall, the troopers live in St. Mary's.)  

All three boys really enjoyed buying tickets and playing games.
It was a great night.


On Halloween, we took all three boys trick-or-treating at the teacher housing.  It was 28 degrees, but not too windy.  After that Josh dropped Wyatt and I off at the house, and he and Joe took our older two and Joe's older two trick-or-treating uptown.  In Marshall, trick-or-treating starts early, around 4pm, because of the cold and the dark.  When the boys got home, I let them eat some of their candy.  I think their favorites were M&M's and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Good taste, I'd say!

Now that Halloween is over, my goal for today is to trade out my Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving decorations.  The boys will be happy about that!


Today's Daily Gratitude:
I'm thankful for

...like Wyatt
& when Josh came home for my birthday in November 2011


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Cindy said...

Wyatt is just so cute in that costume,it is just so Wyatt!!! I can imagine the dog didn't quite understand what he was?