Love Is In The Air

 This weekend Josh and I got away on our first date sans children.  His mom and dad came to stay with our boys and we headed to the Tigard balloon festival with some of our favorite people.
{Josh & Shelly}
{Tiffanie & Samuel}
{Julie & Conrad}

Josh's sister Laura (in addition to his sister Julie & his brother Samuel) also joined us.  
The balloons were beautiful, and they had elephant ears!


 As the night came to a close, Samuel & Tiffanie went off to supposedly go in the carnival haunted house.  But when they came back, something more exciting had happened!
{Julie hugging Tiffanie in congratulations}
 Samuel had proposed.

 Tiffanie was breathless, her eyes welling with tears as she relayed the proposal and showed us her {incredible} ring.

We are so happy for them, and I feel so lucky to have been part of the night!!!

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Rox said...

The last picture brought tears to my eyes!