Third Birthday for my Third Boy

Today is Wyatt Nathanial's birthday.

Today he turns three.

Say it ain't so!!!

Having him in my life makes me happy.

But time going fast makes me grumpy.

He is my funny, sassy, smart little man who obviously has older brothers (who teach him awesome things like sticking out his tongue and calling me "fancy pants" as an insult) and is often sometimes overindulged by his parents.

He is tender, has impeccable manners, and can throw a tantrum in Walmart the likes of which you have never seen (full on floor-melting, leg-kicking, eye-rolling, demand-screaming tantrum).  

He can do puzzles, add numbers and will pretend to sign when he's with his Aunt Andrea who is deaf.  But he also tells me daily, "I hate going potty" and "You always make me do that!"

He is equal parts sweet and temperamental.  
Luckily the amount of "cute" throws the balance in his direction.


Goofy Boy!

you are our little buddy, 
and we're all so glad you're ours.
We love you so, so, so much.

We hope you have the best, best, best, best, best, best, 
best, best, best, best day ever!

Mommy, Daddy, Logan & Jack


Rox said...

Awww happy birthday, Babyham!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday adorable Wyatt