Baseball in the Rain

The last two days of baseball camp it was POURING DOWN RAIN.  Josh joked that those poor coaches must have been so mad we showed up anyway, seeing as the rest of the team didn't come on those days.  But we're tough Alaskans, and my sisters' boys are Northwest born through & through, so a little liquid sunshine did not deter us.

Bless those amazing coaches who put up with our crazy, rambunctious boys with a smile on their faces.  They were awesome.  Not to mention having to teach for two days of torrential downpours.  

Our ball players were not the only ones enjoying the rain.  
Milo loved it, too.

Oh how I love this photogenic little man. He's so cute & so dang HAPPY!  All the time.  Always a smile on his face and a skip in his step.  I love it.

My own little guy did not venture out in the rain, but I love him anyway!

I am so glad we have tough little boys who are healthy, full of energy and not thrown off by some bad weather!

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Shelly you and Roxanne were such good sports! And oh these pictures you take!! Just wonderful.