Me + The Boys

The last few days have been really fun for our family.  We spent a few days in Moses Lake (where Josh was born), then attended a family reunion.  I love sharing these little guys with everybody.

Jack is working on two more loose teeth (one is a top front)

and Logan has just one more loose tooth.
(They both lost their first -- the same tooth-- less than 36 hours apart... freaky!)

There's so much I want to blog, but I am honestly just too busy having fun!  I hope to get a little down time next week so I can write out some of the ideas I have in my blog notebook, as well as post some of our awesome vacation pictures.

Meanwhile, know that I am taking pictures, collecting inspiration and hoping to get back to regular blogging soon!


Emily said...

I had twins in my class the first year I taught kindergarten. Those girls lost their first tooth--the same tooth at that--on my classroom rug exactly 24 hours apart. It was weird!

Alyson Steiner said...

I just love all their glasses! Just when you think they couldn't get any cuter! :-) How crazy about the lost teeth...gotta love the twin thing!!

Rebecca Jackson said...

I absolutely LOVE that first picture of you with your boys! They are so adorable!!!!