Camping at Cougar

One of the things we look forward to most during the summer is our annual camping trip at Cougar where I grew up camping.  I have so many memories there, it feels like magic sharing that place with my  kids.  

This year we camped with my mom & nephew; my sister, brother-in-law & their two boys; Josh's brother & his fiance, plus her brother.  It was so much fun!

"The boys"
Wyatt, Logan, Ferris, Milo & Jack

Night walk

My mom "Nanny" & Milo
(My dad couldn't join us this year because he was with his parents visiting his aunt in North Dakota.)

Star gazing


I love mornings at camping.  I love the sun coming through the trees, I love the birds chirping, and I love the anticipation for what the day holds.

Extreme close up

The guys...
Being manly.

Milo & Ferris
{Photo by Logan}

Uncle Blake

Ferris & Logan

We heart Smores!!!

This is what a lot of our camping looks like.
Children running amok.
Crazy, loud chaos.

Love these boys!!!


My sisters boys are so beautiful.  Just like all my boys were born in June, hers were both born in October, two years apart.  They were filthy, so one night she decided to bathe them. At camp. In tiny tubs.  Oh man it was hilarious.  And the boys loved it.


Alvin & Wyatt have an especially close bond.  Those two love each other so much.  This night at camping (after spending just the day up at Cougar with us) he helped Wyatt "build a dog house" with some lumber we'd brought for campfire.

My mom's dog Sadie.


The next three photos were taken by my nephew Isaiah:

I especially love this one of Sadie.

Ferris really loves Wyatt.  He thinks he's such a cute little buddy.  Wyatt thinks Ferris is pretty funny and cool, too.  


The boys found a really cool bug the last day we were there.  It kept them entertained for quite a while.

This one is such a character.  I love all the pictures I got of him at camping.

Ferris (well, actually both my sister's kids) are so photogenic!

See? Gorgeous!

I have three more posts in the works from our time camping.
Hopefully I will get them ready & post them over the weekend.
Happy Friday!

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Kimberly said...

What a perfect camping spot! I love camping mornings too. There's nothing like waking up in the woods to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking!