Everyone can use a little inspiration, right?  And with this being the first week of my resuming full time stay-at-home mom status (minus the father in our life, who is back at work) I thought some Monday morning inspirations might do us all some good.

Generally, I would say I turn to PINTEREST for little boosts of positivity.  I love reading different quotes and feeling inspired by the words of wisdom I find there.  (My Pinterest Boards found HERE)  My "Anxiety" board has the most pins and the most followers.  I guess I'm not the only one who struggles.


I also find inspiration on HUFFINGTON POST.  So many of their articles are encouraging of stay-at-home moms, or moms in general.  My favorite this year was based on this article by Allsion Slater Tate entitled, "The Mom Stays in the Picture." I have since worked really hard on being real and asking people to take pictures of me and my kids, regardless of how I think I look.

Another article on Huffington Post that moved me (brought me to tears actually) was "Moms, Put on That Swimsuit".  The author states boldly, "Your swimsuit does not define you."  

And the last Huff Post I want to share has moving photos of moms through the years with their children.  The pictures are beautiful and each represents a different aspect of mothering, which I adore.  The smiles on these moms, all different ethnicities with a different family make up, ring true for everyone who has a child.

And on days when Pinterest & Huff Post alone just won't do, I channel other mama's that inspire me.

Moms like Cjane.
Oh how I love her blog.
I love how she talks about daily life,
owning it, baring her feelings & posting heartfelt confessions.

I also adore her sister, NieNie.
She encourages all of us to embrace motherhood.
And to remember how beautiful and sacred it is.

Stephanie over at Barefoot in the Kitchen is another favorite.
Her blog always reminds me to slow down,
to live with less and to love more.

Tabitha at Team Studer has become what I consider a close friend
{even though we've never met}
Her posts help me to embrace the chaos,
remember that this is hard,
and enjoy NOW, knowing how fleeting it is.

Rants from Mommyland is another favorite of mine.
They get that parenting is awful and magical and funny all at once.
I especially enjoy posts about conversations with Mini.
Holy hilarious.

has the most beautiful photography.
It helps, too, that her kids are adorable, she is adorable, and she homeschools.
She's pretty much my hero.

is a Catholic homeschooling mother to seven kids
who often talks about her OCD and and how letting go can be hard.
I am inspired by her large family & her ability to stay in the moment,
enjoying nature and her children, despite the massive amounts of work there is to be done.


Completely random inspiration:
Tiny: A Story About Living Small
both of which I watched on Netflix this summer. 
You know, in case you needed some useless documentary recommendations.


I believe there are no coincidences-- that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that if you happen upon this blog, today or any day, our paths were meant to cross.

As much as I enjoy being inspired, I also like to inspire others. 

I hope that some of the truth I share here, about parenting, about depression, about anxiety, speaks to you.  I hope it encourages you on your journey and makes you feel less alone.

Isn't it awesome to think we're all in this together?


Linda Tracy said...

I just want to say again how proud I am of the person/wife/mother you have become. Love you

Tabitha Studer said...

xxoxox - we ARE friends!! I include you as one for sure <3 thank you internet:)

Petersons said...

You're on my list of inspirational blogs!