One Week Home

 We've been home a week now.  
We're settling in nicely.  
Unpacked and spending lots of time outside.
with the boys' long lost friends.


The twins are LOVING their new bikes, riding all over town with their friends (and mommy in tow), fearless on hills despite the gravel.  I love it.  

Meanwhile, I am happy to be back enjoying all the wide open spaces.


Aside from playing out and visiting with all our friends, we've been busy in the house as well.  I managed to rearrange the living room and play room.  With our boys getting bigger, we needed a second couch downstairs, so we took the one from our bedroom and brought it down.  But to make room for that, my desk needed a new home.

So I decided to move it into the playroom which is now doubling as our school room.  Thus far I have loved having my desk in there.  The boys play as I work on the computer, and I love the view out the window.  

We are all settling well into a routine.  The twins and I jumped right into school, starting last week, and we're working hard to establish new expectations for our now six year old boys, including folding their own laundry and helping with household chores.  It has lightened my load incredibly.  We've had some behavior issues, tantrums & fighting, but nothing surprising given all the changes they've been through.  I am feeling hopeful for the year, looking forward to all that is to come.


Tabitha Studer said...

gah! that first picture and the clouds - holy moley. beautiful. being back in the wide open space must make you feel like you can just spread your arms and FLY! Gemma has been saying, "Put your wings out!" before spreading her arms wide open and leaping from the bed/couch/any surface basically. hahh!

Kymberlee - The Paper Midwife said...

You really do have a rich beautiful life. I can't imagine how difficult your transitions must be but the way you blog about it all makes me feel a bit more knowledgeable about life in the bush. I know you struggle but the way you conquer things and work as a family is really a blessing to see and be a really small tiny speck of in a peripheral way lol

PS - I hope to get you a package in the mail by the end of the week. HUGS!

Kimberly said...

Welcome home! I'm excited to read about your life in Alaska!