Moses Lake:: Road Trip

Mid July we headed to Moses Lake, Washington where Josh was born and some of his family raised, to see his cousin Nathan (Wyatt Nathanial's namesake) who was flying in from Texas with his darling wife and son.

This road trip (unlike the one to the KOA in Astoria) was all smooth sailing.  We had happy kids, good music & great conversation.  Not to mention the views.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

{Eastern Washington has lots of farmland-- we followed many an onion truck!}

{Can you spot "Dusty Crophopper", spraying his crops?}

After five hours in the car, we stopped in at the hotel for a bit to cool down in the AC and freshen up for a family get together (outside) in the 107 degree weather.  We were ready for the fun to start!

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