Sad... But Happy...

One week from today we will be touching down in Alaska.  We will be shopping at Walmart in Anchorage, filling grocery carts with necessary items to push back to the Bush Department to be shipped to our village.  We will spend nearly $250 on a rental car that we will have for less than 24 hours, and with it we will: take Josh to the doctor, ship last minute items we need in Marshall, and eat our "last meal" at a restaurant. 

This week in Washington I have been shopping, sorting and shipping, and I will continue to do so until we leave.  That's the nature of traveling 2500 with five people to a remote village. It's a helluva lot of work!

This has been our best summer yet.  We have had so much fun, made so many wonderful memories, and been so blessed by loved ones.  We are all feeling a bit sad about leaving.  

That said, there are, of course, things we're looking forward to in Alaska.  Getting back to our routine, including homeschooling and regular date night, will be very happy for us.  We are also excited to see all the kids from the village that we've missed this summer; have the chance to reconnect with all our fellow teacher friends, and enjoy the wide open spaces that Alaska offers.

I have been busy uploading pictures of all our adventures and will be doling out summer joy as needed.  So stay tuned!

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