When God talks, you need to listen, people!

 I had a gut feeling to get the boys helmets about six weeks ago. I talked to Josh about it.  The conversation sort of fell by the wayside as they do when you have three active kids and it's dinner time, and we never revisited it.  Then I spoke with my sister-in-law about it, lamenting that I feel bad they don't have them here, wondering if I should order some, even though winter is on its way and there are only a few weeks of bike-riding weather left.

The final straw (poor, patient God trying to get through to me!) was an email from a lovely blog reader whose own son was injured in a minor bike crash and was undergoing his seventh surgery for his skull.  I was left speechless.  She said the kindest things in the email and said that as a mom she just couldn't sit by and look at the pictures on my blog of the boys helmet-less and not say something.

So I got on Amazon and got those guys some helmets.  They've had them almost a month now.  They are so happy and I feel like such a better mom.  Thank you, kind reader.  For being gentle and for spreading your message of safety.

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