We've been sort of broke the last two months.  Not awful broke, but just, no-fun-extras broke.  That's the price you pay to move a family of five twice in three months.  All that travel adds up!

So I have been very focused on valuing the things we do have.  Reorganizing closets, keeping the pantry well sorted and the house tidy.  I have enjoyed taking inventory and cherishing the beloved belongings we do have.  It helps to temper the desire for more.

Ironically, I had decided in July that the word of the year (my year runs like the school year-- August through May) would be "Content."  Watching every penny and enjoying my blessings has gone hand in hand with this years' word.

A big part of my sacrifice has been giving up book buying. Starting in May I gave up purchasing books or journals.  I committed to one year of this.  It was a hard decision to make, but (as I assume is true for many of you readers out there) my shelves are stacked with books I've yet to read, and I thought a year of reading from those reserves just might get me caught up.

I am enjoying the challenge of not purchasing things that bring me joy 
and instead looking for joy in other parts of my life.  


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