Reasons to Trust

One of the biggest pieces of letting my anxiety go is remembering that it is safe to trust.  Something that is helpful is remembering all the times in my past  that God has seen us through.  

  • Josh's grand mal seizure two weeks before our wedding
  • Multiple periods of unemployment
  • My twin pregnancy
  • Josh being hit by a drunk driver
  • Our move to rural Alaska

All the things that scared me, worried me, shook me, turned out fine in the end, because His hand was in it.  It does me well to keep that in mind.

"The brave focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true... and discover joy even in the here and now. They are change agents who bring fullest light to all the world."
-Ann Voskamp


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Rox said...

My mantra is, "God will provide." After each stressful bump in the road, I find myself looking back and asking, "Why did I even worry? Why did I cry? I should've known better, of course it would all be okay!" It's always okay. We always make it through and learn a lot along the way.
You should listen to JoDee Messina "Wishing Well." It'll remind you of everything you and Josh have been through and how awesome you are!