October Things

 With catching up on draft posts, and writing so much about my anxiety, 
I haven't posted any recent happenings lately.

 Mostly we are plugging along.
Watching as fall descends upon us.

Our days outside are numbered, as we had our first snow this weekend and temperatures plunged into the teens last night.  That means the boys' favorite adventure (riding in the back of the pickup, home from the dump) is going to be shelved till spring.

More cozy activities, like reading with daddy, will ensue.

A favorite this (and every) fall?
Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O'Connell


I have struggled with it being October because October is when everything hit the fan last year with my anxiety & depression.  Halloween was, hands down, the worst day of anxiety I've ever had.  Or maybe it was just that I had to function at the carnival despite it. Either way, October's arrival has been a tough pill to swallow.

But there are some things that have made it much easier.  Like this guy in his hand-me-down overalls.  And his happy tie-dye shirt from the KOA where we camped this summer.

And these three playing cooperatively in the playroom.

I have also been lighting candles everyday, embracing the impending darkness and loving the coziness those flames bring to our space.

In addition to adorably sweet children & scented candles, I've taken to some adventurous baking, trying new things.  First I made these Hot Cocoa Cookies.  My wonderful sister-in-law sent these Marshmallow Bits in our last care package, and right there on the back was the Hot Cocoa Cookie recipe.  So for movie night last weekend I whipped them up.  They were an instant hit. I love them so much! And I love that they actually have hot cocoa in them.  So yummy!

 I also made a batch of cinnamon rolls last weekend, and tried out a new frosting to go with them (not pictured).  I had some happy boys in my house that day!

 Another noteworthy fall moment was our first cups of cocoa.

The boys were SO excited to spray their own whip cream and wrap their tiny hands around the cozy, warm mugs.  It's the little things like cocoa & candles that allow me to embrace fall.


 We are in the full swing of homeschooling, six weeks in, and enjoying the routine it brings to our days.  My friends' mom Kymberlee sent us this awesome body puzzle.  (Pay Wyatt's underwear bottom no mind... we were working on teaching him to take them on and off himself, and pants made it too hard!)

 It was a big challenge for the four of us to put together, but the boys never gave up. I loved their enthusiasm.

 Eventually we got it together and I walked the boys through all the bones in the body.  I was amazed with how many they already knew.

 Most of our school days, though, look like this.  Wyatt at the far end of the table, either doing puzzles or playing with toys; and the twins flanking me, one on each side.

 We are doing Saxon reading for our reading program (I totally lucked out and the school transitioned to new curriculum this year so I got the old set.)

 It's been good, and really easy to implement.  I prefer scripted lesson plans, so Saxon is right up my alley.

 I had been feeling bad early on that I'm not doing school with this little guy yet.  But he's taking in everything he overhears.  Last week I was giving the twins a test and asked them to write down what letter makes the /t/ sound and Wyatt shouts out, "T!"  I laughed and shook my head. He had just given the boys the answer!  What a little smarty.

 Jack works really fast in school.  He likes to do things he's good at. He struggles with sounding things out (He doesn't have time for that!) and he struggles with following specific directions at times.  Luckily he has a really good attitude.

Logan is a slow worker, who is easily distracted, but when it comes to something challenging, he will stick with it.  He has no problem sounding things out and has a pretty good attitude as well.

So far, my biggest complaint about school is that I worry about comparisons & competition between the boys.  As they work across the table from each other, it's impossible for them not to know how/what the other is doing. It's a constant battle for me to praise honestly (not for nothing) and to encourage effort without making the other twin feel bad about what they may or may not be doing.

 During school the sun is rising higher in the sky.
 I just love the light we get mid-morning.
It's so warm & inviting.

 I just finished this book last night. Book one of four done for October.  I loved it so much!  It has identical twin boys in it, and all the characters are parents, which I love.  It's just so well written.   I have loved all of her books. (The Hypnotist's Love Story, What Alice Forgot, Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, The Husband's Secret)  Although What Alice Forgot was my favorite.

 October has also been happy because they got some fresh fruit at the store (hello bananas & apples!) and we got our Span Alaska grocery order (hello cheese & lunchmeat!)

I have been working at getting one hard thing done everyday and my handy notebook keeps me on track.  Happy notebooks & journals and quality pens are just good for my soul, I tell you!

I have also been really focused on my water intake.  With temperatures dropping, the amount of moisture in the air is also dropping, so making sure my intake is what it needs to be has been a top priority.  I love drinking from my Tervis water bottle best.  (Thanks, Kari!)  

We've been in full prep for Halloween in these parts, and the boys are ecstatic!  Wyatt particularly loves everything "spooooky"-- from spiders to skeletons.  So it was no surprise that he wanted to be a skeleton this year.  

My mom is our personal Halloween shopper and sent Wyatt's skeleton costume, Logan's Ironman costume and Jack's Construction Worker costume.  Here is Wyatt seeing his skeleton mask for the first time.

He loved it!  I can't wait to get pictures of all of them in their outfits. They're going to be SO cute!

Another arrival was the guys' Seahawks jerseys.  We are Seahawk fans through and through, and the boys got a kick out of picking the numbers for the jerseys when we ordered them.  I think they just look precious!

Today on the agenda is a "spooky" spider craft and writing Nanny a thank you note for our costumes.  I am also excited to start my next read for October, Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.  I think it will renew my passion for peaceful parenting, which is good for me and the kids.


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