My Giant Wyatt

A lady at a restaurant over the summer murmured to her lunch companion that my kids and husband were clones of one another. :)  She's totally right.  But it's not just the kids who resemble Josh. Sometimes he reminds me of them.


Josh cried after his wisdom tooth removal, which he will hate me sharing with you, but the dentist told me that he had to use as much tranquilizers as they would have used on a horse to get Josh to calm down.  He said he was so alert, they just kept pumping him full.  Because of this, it took a long time for him to fully awake.

As he woke up, he kept putting his hands to his mouth. The nurse did not want him to do that, so she kept putting his arms down.  She was very rough with him and had a horrible bedside manner. His eyes were closed, but he was in full fight mode. It was so sad.  He finally opened his eyes and when he saw me, he started signing for water.  He couldn't have any, so I told him no.  He kept signing, water, water, water.  Finally he broke down in tears.

Once he started crying, I just wanted to wave my magic wand and get him out of there.  I wanted to scoop him, my giant Wyatt, up in my arms and make it all better.  He was breaking my heart.

He grew up signing, so when he couldn't vocalize his needs to me, he signed them, with his sloppy exhausted fingers and even more so he resembled our boys.  Quick as I could, I convinced him to move into the wheelchair so we could get him in the car. I knew that as soon as we got him home I could get him some water.  As I drove us home, I felt completely unequipped for caring for this giant sad boy.  Somehow we managed to get him from the car to the bed, and then I was finally able to get him the water he wanted.  Over the next few days as he healed up, I felt such gratitude for his health. We're so blessed that my caretaking of him was temporary.  What exhausting, emotional work.


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