The Old Airport

Watching for bears...

And moose...

The handiwork of beavers

So blessed by those four boys in my life...

The old airport building

The rock quarry

The twins... my twins... how are they six?!?

My guys... Oh the love!

Inside the old airport building

Equipment for keeping the runway up is stored in the outbuildings

The airport was relocated because of the runways' direction related to the wind

Had to carry a gun for safety as bears are not hibernating yet!

Josh showed the boys how he practice shoots, shooting into the rock wall

They were so excited!

Our daddy is so awesome!

The whole scene

A long walk as a family was a lovely way to spend our Sunday.
I will treasure it as we head into winter.


Lindsy R said...

this is cool! those little boys with their glasses...!?!? i'm dying.

Anonymous said...

You have some great pictures. Of course adorable boys too. :)