It's appropriate for November that I am starting the month finding things to be grateful for.  
With every cloud, I am finding a silver lining.  
After every rain shower, a rainbow.

The loss of this pregnancy has been really hard, but life has been boiled down to the basics.  I am extraordinarily grateful for my boys, their still needing me, the great distraction they provide & the direction they give my life.  I am also grateful for Josh, for holding down the fort while I was gone, for being an amazing father, and an incredible husband.

Over the course of the week I have been humbled by humanity.  Just when you start to think it's a dog eat dog world out there, something happens and kindness springs up everywhere. It's wonderful & humbling to me the number of people who helped me while I was in Anchorage and who have offered up their support, love & prayers in the time since.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my November Happiness Project goals, which include my getting in touch with my passions.  I love November because it's my birthday month, and I am excited to focus on my passions as I turn another year older and work to focus on gratitude this month of Thanksgiving.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful blessing of flowers that bloom now in November that I am guessing to be the ones your boys planted just before summer vacation?



Petersons said...

I've had a couple miscarriages around the 9 week mark. I feel your pain. Both times there was no fetal pole and I was told maybe I wasn't really pregnant. Talk about disappointing. I sure felt like I was.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring as usual. Thank you Shelly.