The Happiness Project :: PASSION :: November

This month's happiness goal area is Passion. I am passionate about a number of things.  Namely happiness, homemaking, blogging & reading.  So those will guide this months' goals.

1) Read For Pleasure

My goal is to read for at least 6 minutes everyday.  It has been shown that reading for pleasure for only six minutes each day noticeably increases happiness.  Following October's goal of reading four books, I am still working on #4, which was Outlander, and this goal will help me reach October's goal, albeit a bit late.

2) Capture Everyday Life

I want to have my camera out and capture the "boring" everydayness of our life.  I want to capture more smiles, more brother moments, more happiness.  I also want to remember/write down fun & silly moments.

3) Blog Freely

After capturing my everyday boringness, I want to share it with you all.  I want to feel free to write whatever I want.  And I want to write about what I'm passionate about.  Two things come to mind when I talk about writing & passion together. One is, the truth.  The raw, ugly, sometimes uncomfortable truth (which is exactly what I've been doing since I lost my pregnancy); and I also want to share little known twin facts & bust myths that exist regarding twins.  

4) Write Down One Thing I Love About Myself Everyday

I have had this list of "Passion" goals written in a notebook since last April when I started my Happiness Project, but especially in light of the miscarriage, I find that writing down something I love about myself is really important.  I am doubting my body, doubting my worth, questioning my value and hating my physical appearance.  With this month's goal being passions, I want to focus on things I love about me & I want to get kick my self rejection habit.

5) Play A GREAT Song Everyday

On Monday I downloaded a few new songs.  It's ridiculous how happy some good tunes can make me.  We have started listening to music during school; use music as a treat for the boys while they do chores (putting away laundry, cleaning their playroom); and I always have something playing while I'm in the shower.  The right music can lift my mood and put a bounce in my step.  So I'm going to keep the trend going this month and pump the jams!

6) Don't Save/Hoard

I want to trust in bounty.  I tend to slowly dole out projects for the boys, and candles or scentsy for myself.  No more.  I want to use the cute stationary, wear the pretty jewelry and burn the delicious candles.  

"Don't save things for a special occasion.
Everyday of your life is a special occasion."
-Thomas S. Monson



Marilynn Raatz said...

I love this Shelly! I am proud of you for not taking happiness for granted but something to be nurtured. Logan is sooo cute with his missing tooth. Speaking of missing, I miss you all so much. I love you!

Cindy said...

Not quite a year ago I splurged and bought a good Bluetooth headset. I bought it mainly so I don't miss calls but have discovered it helps me immensely on my housecleaning day. It goes so much faster when I listen to music with my phone & Bluetooth.