This Week

 I've had some people ask me about my flowers...  These are sunflowers we got in a kids meal at Burgerville when we were back home this summer.

 When we got back to Alaska in August the boys planted them, and Josh has been wonderful about watering them. I can keep the children fed & watered, but not the plants. Go figure!

 We also planted two radish pots & a sweet pea.  They have all done amazingly well.  With only a little over seven hours of daylight (and losing up to six minutes each day) I imagine their season is just about through.

 I will be sad when they go.  
The green & the bit of happiness those beautiful buds bring will be missed.


I have some plans in place to make for a good week this week.  

First, I should be cleared for working out now that I'm two weeks post D&C.  That will help ease my anxiety, give me more energy and help me sleep better.  Win, win, win.  

Second, Josh and I have committed to going upstairs for bed at 9pm.  We've been going to bed later and later each night, and in the morning we are paying the price.  

Third, I have plans to catch up my journal, which always helps with my emotions as I feel my way through everything.  

As for today, I'm going to be working hard to prep for the week ahead.  Meal planning, getting my new math curriculum prepared for the new week, reorganizing all our bookshelves since our Scholastic order just arrived, and finishing up the boys' laundry.  

Happy Sunday!


kristin hartwig said...

With the extra work it takes just living where you live, i can't imagine how much work it must be to not only be home-maker but also teacher to your boys! I'm glad you have plans to make this week a good week!

Anonymous said...

Did you get hit with the storm that hit the Aleutian Islands and has brought an Arctic freeze to the lower 48 this week? I enjoy your weather pictures. I live in sunny AZ and love it but enjoy your fall & winter pictures. You have to be a very tough cookie to live in that beautiful country up there. :-) I love Alaska but it would kill me, I'm sure. I get cold at 70 degrees.

Thinking of you and praying for you.