Perfect Walking Weather

It's funny... Everyone in the lower 48 is facing arctic blasts with wind and cold and snow. 
Meanwhile in Alaska, we've got 40 degrees and raining.

It's perfect afternoon walking weather.

Okay, it's not actually perfect walking weather.  There are patches of ice, huge mud puddles and that gray sky is down right depressing, but when you have three little boys stuck indoors for months at a time, you take forty degrees and not-currently-raining and you run with it. Literally.

And after your walk, you let them throw rocks into the puddles under your house because, well, why not?

Then you warm them with cocoa, bags of chips and episodes of Arthur, and for a little while, all is right with the world.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what is worse, extreme cold or extreme heat?

I'm sitting on my bed at 4.50pm. It's mid October and the temperature is 89.6 F.

This heat is just draining. I can't bear to think what summer will be like.

I wish I was one of those people that had houses in different parts of the world, so I could just fly away from the heat.

But then, I can't imagine what it would be like stuck inside with children for weeks on end.

Take care


Anonymous said...

The weather is pretty much the same as yours here in Southern Finland right now. I am not scared of the snow and cold months ahead but enjoy the mild weather and even rain as long it lasts. I explore the outdoors year round with my little boys. The weather here is not as extreme as out there, it hardly ever gets colder than twenty below here and
often is just -4 F to -10 F in winter. A bit colder with the wind.
I love to read your blog about life in Alaska with your cute little boys.

Rox said...

The last picture - hello mirror twins!