Ravens vs. The Cunningham Family

As you know, grocery shopping in rural Alaska presents some unique challenges.  (More posts on that here & here.)  Fruits & vegetables often freeze on the flight out here, arriving blackened; the co op is often out of eggs, cheese & other necessities; and lately Amazon hasn't been wanting to ship me canned goods on my prime account.  It can be very frustrating.  (Not to mention that we have no back up plan for meals--  There are no restaurants in Marshall.)

So on the rare occasion that exactly what I want arrives, like in my Span Alaska order, I am pretty giddy.  But this time when Josh came through the front door with our order, instead of being elated, I was annoyed!  While the food was sitting at the airport (which is simply a gravel runway), the ravens (giant blackbirds the size of cats or small dogs) pecked away at our boxes, helping themselves to our corn dogs and Totino's pizzas.



Simon and Christina said...

I can't remember if you've done a detailed post about Span or not before? If you have can you just direct me there and if not we'd love to hear more about your experience. Do you often spilt orders with other teachers in your village? etc.--Christina

Kristin in Alaska said...

Oh, that so sucks!

Courtney Romine said...

Oh no! We've never done a Span Alaska order, and I hadn't even thought about that happening! Dang ravens!