This Week

Loving the boys' new shoes. They look just like their daddy, and Logan swears he can run faster and jump higher in them.

Reading The Last Letter From Your Lover.  I am hooked!  (Waiting on the Kindle, Eleanor & Park and If I Stay.)

Posting way too many pictures on Instagram. It's such a fun way of keeping everyone in Washington involved in our lives.  #hooked

Enjoying the twins trying to learn about basketball as Josh watched the NCAA games.  I love how they try to emulate their daddy.

Laughing about my complete lack of counter space in the kitchen.  It's really ridiculous!

Struggling with Logan's current fears. He's terrified there are mummies under his bed.  I have explained (many times) that we don't have mummies in Alaska, or in our village.  That mummies are from Ancient Egypt and even if he did come across a mummy, it'd just be an old, old dead body that could do him no harm.  I've also had him check under his bed and prayed over him... but nothing seems to abate the fear.  It makes me sad and frustrated, a challenging combination of emotions.

Still working out everyday.  Some days it kicks my butt, but other days it seems a little easier than before.  Everyday I am proud of myself.

Looking forward to eating out with Josh (alone. sans children.), going to the zoo and hugging my sister when we get home.  Is May here yet?

Laying with Wyatt, then Logan, every night at bedtime.  Those two sweet snuggle bugs make me so grateful I'm their mommy.  (Don't worry, when Jack's not on the top bunk, he gets snuggles, too.  April is his month for the top.)

Happy Weekend to you!


Emily said...

You have to read "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han. It was one of my very favorites from last year and the sequel comes out this year sometime.

Rebekah said...

So happy for you that you are returning to civilization in May!! So soon!!!

chasingpiggens said...

Eleanor and Park is wonderful! I read all of Rainbow Rowell's stuff this spring. Lovelylovelylovely.