Fifteen Years With My Best Friend

In celebration of our fifteen year dating anniversary, I thought I would share 15 facts about us with you.  This is us, Josh & Shelly, in a nutshell.

Junior Prom 2000

1) We met in sign language class in high school.  We were juniors.

2) He walked me 100 miles (slight exaggeration) to my car every afternoon when school let out.  I loved him for it.

Homecoming 2000
3) We wrote love notes like crazy and still own all of them.  I carry 2 of them in my wallet.

4) Our first date was the movies.  He made the first move and held my hand.

Winter Tolo 2001
5) I still remember our first kiss.  And the smell of his hair gel from high school.  Both make me swoon.

6) I knew I could marry him before we'd even been together a year.  He was my soulmate.

Spring Dance 2001
7) We dated two and a half years attending countless dances (homecoming, prom, tolo) and going on countless dates.  On one of our dates he took my on my first and only ferris wheel ride.

Us 2002
8) Josh said, "I love you" first, on May 26th, a mere five weeks after we started dating.  I didn't say I love you back.  I didn't want him to think I was saying it just because he did.

9) Josh proposed on bended knee in Canada & exactly one year later, we were wed.

Engagement pictures 2002
10) Josh and I saved ourselves for marriage.

11) At our wedding I sang, "I Could Not Ask For More" and we walked back down the aisle after the ceremony to "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".

August 8, 2003
12) We were married five years before we got pregnant and when we found out we were expecting twin boys, Josh said, "They'll be best friends."

13) When we found out I was expecting Wyatt I was hysterical with worry.  Josh held me and said, "But it'll be another little baby!"

August 2011
14) We go to bed at the same time every night. I sleep better with him by my side.  (Sidenote: I went from sharing a room with my sister to sharing a room with my husband.)

15) Josh has made all my dreams come true:
Marrying my best friend; becoming a mother; and being a stay-at-home-mom.

"And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and 
I'd choose you."
-The Chaos of Stars


Anne Harvey said...

Aww! I love this!

Holly Parlier said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Happy dating anniversary :)

Tabitha Studer said...

So sweet! I loved this post:) Happy 15 years! And what's the secret? Because 15 years later and you guys look nearly the same!! xoxox

MoiraMia said...

This is a beautiful documentation of your love story. How blessed you both are to have such a great love and friendship.