Marshall Flight

The morning we left Alaska for Washington was gorgeous.  Our flight from Marshall to Bethel in particular was beautiful.  We were thankful to get a caravan (which seats 9) instead of a 207 (which seats 5).  A caravan is more spacious, faster and has more room for baggage.  ... And let's be honest-- we come with a lot of baggage!

We used to travel with 8 pieces of luggage, but now that we have to pay for Wyatt's seat (because he's over two years old... sad face!) we can bring 10.  And we always maximize our luggage.  This year we had one tote, a gun case, and eight traditional bags. (Plus car seats, but those travel free and don't count against your total.)  Since we are Alaska residents, with Alaska Airlines we are part of Club 49, and get 2 checked bags free.  (Within the state of Alaska, you can get 3 checked bags free!)  This saves us a ton of money and keeps us from having to ship too much home for summer.

Wyatt sat all by himself for the first time ever and was incredibly brave.  It helped that the flight was really smooth.  The twins also did really well, although Logan asked maybe ten times if we were there yet, and it's only a half hour flight!

Our best good friend Leah was also on that flight and our next flight, and having the extra set of hands was so helpful as we unloaded and checked in for our next leg of the trip.


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