Mom of 3 Boys

Today is my last day as a mom of three boys.
Tomorrow I will wake up knowing if that number has been upped to four boys,
or if I'm going to get to try my hand at parenting a daughter.

How precious is Wyatt's hand on my belly?

I have a feeling that #4 will be it for our family.  
Knowing that, I do feel anxious to have a daughter because I'd love to experience that.

However, there is something special about being a mom to all boys.  It's like a club with an exclusive membership.  We smile in solidarity to each other at the store, knowing the three wrestling matches that required breaking up before loading them into the car and herding them into the grocery store.

And when those boys we have are sweet? When they have tender moments? Something about them being boys makes those moments even more precious.  Like the other night when Wyatt, having proclaimed earlier that he hated babies, fell asleep holding the baby I couldn't resist buying from a second hand shop in town.

He's gonna be a great big brother. 
In time.

Knowing my days as a mom to three are limited, I am trying to enjoy them.  Their energy, the comfortable familiarity we have with each other, and how much they can now do for themselves.

They are full of joy
(like yesterday when I let Logan ride in the front seat during the car wash)

and bring me so much happiness 
(something about a new pair of Converse just makes me smile!)

 Tonight, in about two hours, I will go to my mom's house, where my sister has planned an elaborate gender reveal party for me.  I will FaceTime Josh and my boys will open containers full of pink or blue confetti, revealing to all of us what Babyham #4 is.

Tomorrow, I'll be able to throw one of those lists of names away.
It's so exciting!

At the ultrasound my mom and I had to practice some serious self restraint to not peek when the tech was checking the gender. Baby waved at me as she wrote down on a slip of paper the gender and slid the ultrasound picture with it into an envelope that I would later deliver to my sister. 

After my appointment, we dropped of the envelope and my sister got to work planning our little get together (just my parents, sister & sister-in-law) where our three sweet boys will tell the world if they're getting a brother or a sister.

Wyatt wants a boy, Jack thinks it's a girl, and Logan is fine either way.  I was thinking boy, boy, boy all the way, but now that the big day is here... I just don't know!

The main concern Josh and I had was it being a) healthy and b) a singleton. Both of those were confirmed at today's ultrasound, so ultimately, we are happy parents-to-be.

 Soon enough that baby will be in our arms.  In the meantime I am going to enjoy the heck out of the three that God already blessed us with.  Rambunctiousness & all!

Like... riding Papa's motorcycle...

(Basically from here on out... please pardon all the pictures. With Josh gone in Alaska, I want him to see all he can here on the blog, so I'm going to be less choosy than normal!)

 Writing their names in school...
(Wyatt did this all.by.himself!)

And of course... experiencing baseball for the first time.
Jack had to miss the first game because of his injury.  But Logan (my sweet leftie) did great!  

I know it's cliche to say, but truly all I want is a healthy baby.  After two miscarriages, I know all too well how many things have go right to produce a perfect baby.  And as much as I'd love to be a mom to a little girl, being a mom to little boys has brought me so much joy & adventure the last seven years, I would LOVE to have another just like the three I have.  I just don't want anyone to worry that one result or another is going to leave me disappointed.  I went into #4 knowing I had a 50/50 chance and quite honestly I expect it to be a boy!

Tomorrow's post will be SO exciting!
Stay tuned!!!


Tabitha Studer said...

OMIGOSH. I can't stand the suspense!!! Tell meeeeee. Hahhha. But seriously. :) xoxxo (such a lucky baby either way!)

Audrey said...

You are going to make us wait until tomorrow?! Gah!! The suspense is killing me!

Holly Parlier said...

I love this so much. You are absolutely right - let's soak up these days of 3 kids. And then, when the time is right, we will have a sweet, soft, cuddly newborn to love on. I also totally zoomed in on those name lists - love them all! Hugs, Shelly! I can't wait to hear the news :)