Oaks Park

My sister invited Wyatt and I to join her boys at Oaks Park on the preschool day they had this summer.  So we went along for the fun!  Wyatt's absolute favorite was the big slide.  We probably went seven times on that thing!


One other thing I wanted to remember about our trip to Oaks Park was perhaps not as much fun, but just as memorable:  We were on the freeway, on our way to the park when Wyatt said he needed to go potty.  All summer he has been struggling with getting to the bathroom on time.  He has a tiny bladder, that I don't think he empties every time.  So I knew when he said he needed to go that he really needed to go.  But there was nothing I could do. There were no exits and nowhere to go.  So he ended up wetting his carseat and we had to make a detour to Hanna Andersson to get him fresh underwear and shorts.  I felt so awful for him.

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