Our Reunion

Saturday Morning:

Our youngest came in at 4:05am, requesting that I lay with him.  I quickly got him settled, praying he'd fall back asleep and not wake his brothers before climbing back into bed myself, luxuriating in the warmth of my bed against the chill of the air in my room.

At 4:30am my alarm went off and I was all systems go.  I jumped in the shower, going as fast as I could, then moved on to doing my hair & make up before getting dressed & putting on my jewelry.  Before I knew it, it was time to leave the house so I could make it the airport in time.  I shut the front door as quietly as I could, hoping the kids would all sleep until I returned and not wake Grandma.

5:15am on a Saturday morning, traffic was a non-issue and I made it to the 205 bridge in no time.  As I headed into Portland, my phone rang.  I answered and much to my surprise, it was Josh.  "Are you here?" I asked him, breathlessly.  

"Yes.  Our pilot said we got here early, so I'm already off the plane and heading to get my luggage.  Wanna just pick me up at arrivals?"

So I continued driving, turning onto the long, tree lined road that heads to the Portland International Airport.  As I passed the giant PDX sign, I thought to myself, "Josh is here. I could be hugging him right now!" I was still in disbelief that all his flights aligned and he was arriving just as we hoped he would, on time (early even!) and would be here for over a week.

I teared up, making the tail lights in front of me wash out in front of my eyes.  As I slowly followed the signs to Arrivals for Alaska Airlines, I saw him.  Walking slowly in his Columbia fleece, back pack on his back, luggage rolling behind him down the sidewalk, there he was.  I immediately pulled over, doing a terrible parking job, threw the car into Park and flew out of the car.  

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.  Then I wrapped my arms around his middle and sobbed into his fleece jacket.  "I missed you so much," I breathed into his chest.  He just stood there, letting me hug him, letting me take him in.  His smell, his smile, his touch.  Ten weeks is too long to go without these things.  Ten weeks is too long to go without love.


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Petersons said...

This is so sweet! I feel for you