Carly's Oh-So-Sweet Baby Shower

 As time continued passing since my miscarriages, and my pregnancy with Carly progressed, I went from feeling sad, confused and achy about those losses to feeling positive, optimistic and hopeful about the future.  I found many pins on Pinterest (a great place to be inspired) that matched my improved outlook:

This one might be my very favorite, considering Cinderella is, hands down, my favorite fairy tale.


These two spoke to me because I believe them.  

I believe that God would not put me through something without a purpose. 
I believe God has good plans for my life.
And I believe that the rainbow coming after the storm that was last year,
is totally going to have been worth the tears.

Sunday afternoon at my parents house, 
surrounded by all my friends & loved ones, 
we celebrated just that.

 A beautiful rainbow theme filled every corner of the shower.
From the fruit tray...

 to the clothes line...

 to the diaper cake...

 I wish I had taken more pictures-- there were so many people (whom I love so much!) at the shower.  And they spoiled me so very thoroughly. 

 Honestly, I felt like I was opening presents for hours!

Here is where I make a little confession-- I've had trouble believing that #4 will really be a little girl.  I guess it feels too good to be true.  So I have bought three (count 'em three) things for her. Two outfits and one blanket. That's it.

So opening outfit after outfit for sweet little Carly was very exciting.  Everything is so precious for baby girls-- little ribbons, bits of lace and sparkles everywhere!!!

One of the most fun gifts I got was a tiny Ergo (baby wearing backpack) for Carly to wear her dolls in when she gets bigger. It is an exact replica of the Ergo I have. It made me so excited about having a little girl.

My sister printed wish cards and reading through them today was so much fun.  Everyone at the shower filled out their hopes for sweet little Carly, and they have such big dreams for her.  It makes the future seem limitless.

This fur shrug from my aunt is one of my most treasured gifts-- it's fit for a princess and made me very excited for all the dress up (and not the Captain America variety) in my future! 

There was one gift that made me cry-- 
this beautiful hand made blanket from my mom and sister.  

My mom has made a baby blanket for each of my baby's.  My first pregnancy, I was not going to find out what I was having, so we chose sage greens for the baby blanket.  Then at my 20 week ultrasound, we found out it was twins and decided that was enough surprise for one pregnancy, and asked what sex they were.  When we discovered two boys were headed our way, we made a coordinating baby blue blanket to go with the green one.

Then when I was pregnant with Wyatt I went wild and chose super colorful polka dots & stripes, as well as frogs for the baby blanket.  And instead of flannel, which I had done on the twins' baby blankets, I did the entire back in minky.

This pregnancy, I just never had the strength to want to face Fabric Depot and all.the.choices of fabric.  So I put off going, figuring eventually I would have to.  Then my mom surprised me with this blanket that she and my sister pieced together, basing the colors off the one blanket I bought from IvieBaby the night I found out it was a girl.

Those tiny quilts, sewn with love by my very own mom, always remind me of the hospital, so seeing Carly's was a very real reminder that soon I'll have a baby to wrap in that blanket, just like I have before.

After two losses and the ensuing heart break, imagining a baby in that blanket at the end of January feels like a dream come true.

The shower truly was a labor of love, and no detail was left unattended.  I am so grateful for my mom and sister who know me so well and love me so much.  We're all three elated to welcome a little girl into our family of boys (my mom has only grandsons-- six of them!!!) and their excitement is starting to rub away some of my disbelief.

My sister teased me that at the hospital, when Carly's finally in my arms, I'm going to have a moment and shout, "It's a girl! It really is a girl!"  Ha! I think she's probably right!

Me & my baby girl at 33 Weeks

I am getting really anxious to meet this little one
and see her sweet face.
She's already a dream come true.



Holly Parlier said...

Aw that sounds like a perfect shower! I love the decorations and that blanket is so sweet :)

Tabitha Studer said...

Perfection! All of it! I am so happy for you and Carly (and the boys too!) what a blessing it is that your girl will grow up in the footsteps of such strong, resilient, loving, and generous women like you, your mom, and sister (and all the other guests at your shower) that will cheer her on in life. There is something so comforting as a Mum of girls to look around and see the women she will try to copy and feel pride in that. So many great examples for her! Congrats Shelly!! Xxoxoox

Simon and Christina said...

Looks like a lovely baby shower! I so loved the rainbow theme. I didn't even know they made Ergo's for baby dolls!? Junie might have to add that to her birthday list for the Grandmas. Merry Christmas--Enjoy your time with Josh!!

Jaqulin Farnandez said...

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