Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

I figure I ought to blog about our Christmas festivities before January ends, so here we go!

While Josh was home over Christmas break, we went to the beach to see my grandparents.  We've adopted another set of "grandparents" in Rockaway (my grandparents' very good friends who have no grandchildren or great grandchildren) and we love them so!

When they asked us to stop by and check out their holiday display, we did so gladly and snapped this cute picture of our three boys with their three snowmen.

On Christmas Eve we let the boys open two gifts-- one was a set of new pajamas and the other was an art/craft gift.  The twins got giant coloring books and Wyatt got a black light whiteboard (if that makes any sense!)

Then, after opening presents, we changed into our new jammies and snuggled up to watch Home Alone & have pizza as is our Christmas Eve tradition.  An hour and a half later the boys went down without a fight and dreamed of Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning we awoke to three little boys telling us the light was green.  So up we got.  I gathered their presents (all wrapped the week before Christmas) from the extra room and brought them into their bedroom.

There were lots of Legos and super heroes which lead to some very happy children.  Once their toys were opened, I brought up cinnamon rolls & milk which we all ate as appetizers for the giant family breakfast with Josh's parents and siblings that was to come.

By 9am, Josh's family was here downstairs and we made our way down to join them for bacon, eggs, potatoes & english muffins.  I think we all ate until we were sick. It was awesome. ;)

After breakfast we all opened presents (there were 19 of us total) and then sat around opening & putting together toys for our kids and laughing together.  At some point we decided to play Cranium, just the grown ups, and it was hilarious.  I discovered that not only do I suck at spelling (which I previously thought I had mastered), but that I also suck at guessing other people's Play Doh sculptures.  Basically I now know that I am failing at life. Ha!  (Word I failed to spell correctly? Broccoli.  Two C's and only one L.  Who knew...)


Christmas Dinner:
Luckily we got to go to my parents house for dinner, where no one had to know about my inability to spell vegetable names.  Phew!

Pretty much as soon as we got there, we let the kids go nuts opening gifts from my parents.  They got new shoes & SCOOTERS!!!  We immediately headed outside so they could try them out!

{My sister's son Milo}

{My sister's son Ferris}

{My sister's husband Blake & Josh.  These two were very happy to be reunited while Josh was home!}

{Jack, my mom "Nanny" & Ferris}

{Blake & my sister Roxanne}

{Me and the littles didn't last long outside. It was cold! We much preferred reading new Christmas books inside!}

{My parents making dinner-- yum!}
I am so grateful that Christmas day, which was particularly packed, went so well.  We had zero meltdowns from the kids, and enjoyed ourselves the entire day.  It was so lovely.  What a blessed Christmas we had!!!


Marilynn Raatz said...

I am so happy we had Christmas together this year! Four years was too many to be apart. I loved spending the day together and watching the kids play.

Ashley B said...

What a special Christmas! Can you believe you'll have a little pink addition to the mix next year? Our first Christmas with Sophie was so surreal.
And those scooters are AWESOME!

Rox said...

We got so lucky that it stopped raining for a day! Blake and Josh looked great in their coordinating Seahawks sweaters, they crack me up.