Mom to Kid Questions: Wyatt Nathanial

What do you love about mommy?
I love that you snuggle me and rock me.

What do you hate about mommy?
That you're having baby girl.

What activities do you want to do?

When you're mad, what should I/can I do to help?
Umm, hug me and stuff.

When you're sad, what should I/can I do to help?
Help me feel better, I guess.

What challenges you?

What scares you?
That there's a monster behind me.

What makes you feel brave?
Staying with you.

What's your favorite activity?

What makes you happy?
Umm, what makes me happy is staying with you.  And daddy.

What makes you mad?
That I don't get to play.

What makes you sad?
Not staying with you.

What could make you happier?
Let me play.

What chores are good?  

Could you do more?
I don't think so.

What rules do you hate?
I hate when they change.  I hate that we look at the toys and we don't look at them again.

What rules do you love?
I love that I get to play.  And not going without you.


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