Mom to Kid Questions: Jack Sawyer

What do you love about mommy?
That you make us delicious dinners.  It's true.  And that you let us stay up late with you.

What do you hate about mommy?
That you yell sometimes.  When you yell.  And when you grab.

What do you like about our days?
That we do pretty much every single thing that's fun every single day. Including school that's sometimes fun.  I like swimming.  I like when we have waffles.  When you let us watch TV.

What do you hate about our days?
When I have a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of school work to do.  When Logan attacks me or breaks my stuff.  Like when he broke my necklace yesterday.  I don't like to read books or do quiet activities in the mornings.  I don't like to read when I wake up first thing in the morning.

How would you change our routine?
That we would do school at 12 in the night.  And we would sleep in the day.  And then we'd stay up all night while you're sleeping and eat candy and watch TV. And make popcorn.  And we would go to G6 every single day.

What do you want more of?
I kinda want more like writing in my journal and coloring pictures.  I would like to do practice in the evenings and we would do school in the morning.  And games at 9 in the morning.  Our bedtime routine would be at 8 instead of 7.

What activities do you want to do?
More TV, more quiet activities, make collages at home.
I would like more baseball and to do like hockey.
I would like to go to Nanny's a little bit more cause we barely go there.  We only go once a week.
I'd like to go more hiking and hunting and looking and exploring.

What would you like bedtime to look like?
Bedtime would be a quiet time and we would get our beds ready for when we go to bed and we would go to bed at 8 and I would like to stay up to 8.  We would go in your room and stay up till 8 except Wyatt.  He would go to bed at 7 cause we are bigger and we don't need much sleep.  If we have a bad day, we should go to bed at 7.  The big boys would watch TV and eat a snack.  Then you would snuggle us and put us to sleep in our beds.

What would you like mornings to look like?
We would do a tablet until 7.  Then we would go downstairs and eat breakfast right at 7 and then we would go upstairs, brush, do our regular routine and then school, but play a little bit.  Then we would do school.

When you're mad what should I/can I do to help?
Tell the brothers to please stop.  Do nothing, really.  I don't know.  When you walk away when you're mad and I'm mad, it helps me calm down.  I want to calm down and come out of my break on my own.

When you're sad?
When I'm sad I like you when you give me a hug.

When you're hurt?
Give me a hug.

What challenges you?
School.  When I have a lot a lot a lot of work.  Sometimes when we're doing stuff like this (answering questions). Being a twin challenges me some of the times.  Like when Logan got in a water fight with Ethan and Ethan thought it was me, so he squirted me cause on the field we look a same.  It's very challenging to not yell at you when I'm angry.  Cause I'm so mad.

What scares you?
It scares me when people tell me stories that are kinda scary and they say it's real and I believe them, and they actually are telling a fish story.  That's what gives me nightmares.

What makes you feel brave?
When daddy's around.  And you're around.  When adults are around.  (Why do you think that is?) Cause adults are adults.  Cause they know more than me, cause I'm just a kid.  Then I feel safe.  When I'm scared at batting I tell myself I'm catcher and wearing all that gear even though I'm not and I feel more brave.

What's your favorite thing to do?
My favorite favorite favorite thing to do is stay up late.  And then play baseball.  And to hold dogs and take them on walks.

What makes you happy?
When I get to do something I really really want to do.  Like when we're going to go to carnival I feel so so so happy.  Staying up late, when we get to play with Ferris & Milo, Isaac, Ethan, Alvin, jump on Julie's trampoline, going to G6, family swimming, when we have awesome delicious cereal... There's nothing else.  Those are all the things I love to do.

What makes you mad?
When Logan & Wyatt break my stuff.  When Logan changes his mind about sharing.  When I want to do something really bad and you tell me I can't do it.  And you not letting me pick the clothes I want. But that's life sometimes.

What makes you sad?
Nothing really gets me sad.  Umm, when I get hurt.  Really really bad.  Like if I feel on the railing.  Daddy being gone makes me sad.  When you change your mind after you've said yes.

What could make you happier?
Not doing school for a week.  Which, that is going to come true!  When you tell me I can do something I want.  When you give me chocolate things.  Like Special K bars.

What chores are good?
My favorite chore would be doing no chores.

Could you do more?
If you ask me to.  I could do the laundry.  Fold the laundry.  Washing and drying the dishes.  Loading the dishwasher, starting it up.  Taking the laundry downstairs.  Turning on the laundry machine and dryer.

What rules do you hate?
That I have to do school.  I hate to do every single chore in the house, but if you ask me to do something I'll do it.  I don't like to share my little Legos.

What rules do you love?
My favorite rule would be whoever gets something first gets to play with it first.  And that we have to do the dishwasher once a day.


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Pete said...

I LOVE the part of Jack's answer about being brave "I'm scared at batting I tell myself I'm catcher and wearing all that gear even though I'm not and I feel more brave." :D

I also am happy that both of the twins mentioned baseball in the things they like to do. :)