Mom to Kid Questions: Logan Henry

What do you love about mommy?
You give us treats.  And you take us swimming and to G6 and let us go to Nanny's.  And let us stay at grandma's house.

What do you hate about mommy?
Nothing.  Yelling and screaming and grabbing.  And I want you to tell me more stuff.  Like I don't like when you sign. (When Josh and I don't want the kids to know what we're talking about, we use sign language.)

L- Who are you sending these to?
me- Oh I'm just asking these so you can be happier.  So we can all be happier.
L- Oh you don't have to do that.  I think we're all good.  We're all the way we need to be.

What do you like about our days?
We go swimming.  And when there's something exciting to do besides school.  I hate school.  I also like baseball.

What do you hate about our days?
I hate when we have to stay at home. Especially with Nanny.  And I hate school.  And I hate wearing baseball pants.

How would you change our routine?
I would change it to 9 (our bedtime).  I want bedtime to be 8 and me and Jack's would be 9.  Can we do that?  But we'll sleep in longer. You can change the clock to 6:40.  I would have no school.

What do you want more of?
More going outside and other people's houses.  Like Ferris'.

What activities do you want to do?
I want to do soccer.  And football.  And do less school.  I want to get off earlier on Wednesdays so I can play with Gisele.  I want to do more swim lessons.

What would you like bedtime to look like?
I want us to go up and brush and stay up later and sleep in longer.  I want to watch TV.  And really nothing else.  And maybe play legos in there. Or play the Wii.

When you're mad, what should I/can I do to help?
I don't know.
(We talked and our plan when Logan is angry is to: either pet the cat downstairs or go in his bed with his blanket over his head until he calms down.)

When you're sad?
Snuggle me.  And put somebody in timeout cause it's not fair! They hit me and it's not fair cause I go in time out and they get to keep playing.

What challenges you?
Math.  Take away math. Not plus.  
Calming down when I'm angry.  
And leaving.  I hate leaving.  Like leaving someone's house.  I love going to someone's house I just hate leaving.

What scares you?
When you get crazy angry.  It feels scary cause I feel like you're going to break something.  Getting lost scares me.

What makes you feel brave?
When Wyatt and Jack are holding onto the cart.  And I don't like when there are lots of people in one place.  Like in the jumpy place.  It was tiny, but lots of kids.  (a little backtracking to what scares him)

I felt proud of myself when I climbed that whole tree.  But I worry about other kids climbing behind me.
I'm happy when I find you.
Nothing makes me feel brave, but I feel much braver when you're right next to me. And my brothers are next to me where I can see them.

What's your favorite activity?
TV.  Playing.  And puzzles.  Stickers.  And sticker books.  And mazes and word searches.  And connect the dots.

What makes you happy?
When you surprise me with fun things.  Going to somebody's house.  Daddy.  And when we do swim lessons.  When we go swimming.  Especially to Firstenburg.  And when we go to the park.

What makes you mad?
Probably when it's my turn with a toy and Jack doesn't share it.  Or I have to share a toy I had first.  I just talk too disrespectful.  When we're having so much fun and we have to leave and do something so boring.  I get so mad.

What makes you sad?
When Daddy had to leave.  I like to stay here.  In Washington. I don't want to go back in Marshall or Alaska anywhere.  I don't like to go in the snow.  I hate wearing so much gear.  I want to stay here with our family.

What could make you happier?
Going to people's houses makes me very happy.  Staying up late will make me happy.  Have special time with just me and Roxanne.  And Milo and Ferris.  I wanted to do that.  And more toys.

What chores are good?
Cleaning up.  That's my favorite chore.  Cause then it's not such a big fat mess.

Could you do more?
Put away the laundry.  I could do that.  That's another good one that I don't mind doing.  But I don't like it.  I already have enough chores.  Like brushing, making my bed, getting dressed, doing the dishes...

What rules do you hate?
I hate when we have to stay home.  I hate consequences.  Probably all the consequences.  Sentences is the worst.  I hate that we get grounded from stuff.  I don't want to get grounded from stuff.  I think I'd rather just come up here and be quiet.  I hate when you have to go somewhere and leave.  That's the worst rule.

What rules do you love?
That we have to share.  I'm like Jack, I hate to share my legos.  I like keeping a clean house.

Is there anything else you want to tell me?
I want to change the bedtime schedules.


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