Wyatt at Four and a Half

Wyatt at four and is equal parts super fun and challenging.  He's hilarious, saying big words (like "eventually") and waiting to say something until it can have a dramatic effect. (Like in the car yesterday when he waited until he and the twins were all buckled & quiet, then said, "Everyone in this family loves me the most.")  He's also a determined little thing-- yelling, hitting and often laying on the floor in an effort to get what he wants.  

The twins were so different.  They were more in their own worlds at four, and were certainly past tantruming for the most part. (They were your typical "terrible two's"...)  But with Wyatt, we got three amazing years of basically perfect behavior, and then suddenly he found his voice and his own will, and it's been a long road since. 

We've nearly eliminated the floor tantrum, which is awesome because that's a pretty embarrassing at Target.  Now I'd love if he'd stop punching his brothers when they don't listen to him. 

A few things Wyatt says:

"Wanna play with me?"
He'll say this to pretty much anyone, any time, and is so happy if you say yes, and completely heartbroken if you say no.

"I need to lay down."
Wyatt is a mellow soul, a true homebody, and he loves to lay down, snuggle or "take a rest".  He can often be found during school (while I'm teaching the twins) laying on my bed, with my blanket on & my bubba in his arms, tucked in all cozy.

"I'm sorry.  Are you mad at me?"
Wyatt can quite easily lose his temper or tell me no, both of which he knows displease me.  But once he's calmed back down, he will apologize and then make sure I'ms not upset with him.  It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and even if I am mad, him asking if I'm mad leads to immediate forgiveness cause you can tell he just can't stand the thought of my being angry with him.

"Mom? Where are you, mom?"
He's always wanted to know where I was, but since Josh left a week ago, he's been really clingy, always checking in and asking where I am.  If you remember from this post, our rooms are connected, but if he can't see me, he will often call out, "Mom? Where are you, mom?"  And it's not just at home.  He does the same thing at my mom's or the store if he can't see me from the aisle he's on.

He loves to draw on white boards.  He prefers them to paper because erasing is so easy, and he's quite the little perfectionist.  His favorite pictures are of him and daddy "holding hands" in our "Alaska house".  (So sweet!)  And he also draws his toys quite often, and they bear a strong likeness, which impresses me considering his age.

We're still working on him writing his name-- he struggles with the "y" most, and he's also learning to read this year and loves to "read" us stories he has memorized. (Especially his David board books.)

The other day I was eavesdropping while he was playing by himself with his guys, and they were talking about who all "rest fed" (breastfed) when they were born.  I was dying.  They were arguing over who "rest fed" the most and how healthy it made them. (He's overheard conversations between his brothers and myself about how Wyatt being breastfed has made him less likely to get sick.  --The twins, who were bottled fed formula, are sick way more often than Wyatt.)

One of his favorite toys is the Mr. Potato Head Josh sent him from Alaska.  He loves to put him together and take him apart, put him together and take him apart.  When Dashy (our Elf on the Shelf) was here, he went MIA for a night, and we found him the next morning, tucked into Mr. Potato Heads' butt, which the twins found hilarious.  

Wyatt is not a breakfast eater, which is also something to note, because his brothers wake up STARVING every single day.  I can usually get him to eat a banana or some sausage, but that's about it.  Reminds me of his daddy.

It's been so fun to get to know Wyatt as he's grown, and to compare and contrast who he is with who his brothers are.  If anything, he shows me just how alike the twins are, and that in itself is fun & fascinating.  I sure love him & am grateful he's part of our family!

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