Our Rooms: Before & After

Who doesn't love a good before & after? I know I do. And what a great way to start the new year-- feeling grateful for this space we have at Josh's parents house, and putting all my nesting tendencies to use!

When we first arrived at Josh's parents house, we were in the original two bedrooms we'd stayed in years before when Wyatt was a baby.  But this time, with homeschooling on our agenda, we knew we'd need a little bigger space, and thankfully Josh's parents agreed.  So we got to move into the bonus room (a large double size room that sits over the garage), and has an "office" (aka: our bedroom) right off it.

Our room was painted purple with sponge paint and had neither a closet nor dressers, so we set out to paint & purchase some Ikea furniture.  We also found a couch at Goodwill ($15! Steal!) and used the bookshelves that were in the bonus room when we moved in.


Now our room is picture perfect and it makes me so happy.  Josh and his sister Julie painted it (since I'm pregnant and can't) and the color turned out perfect.  Sort of an ivory-pink that's really mellow.

For me, the best part of our room is the family pictures I had printed after our family session with Eryn Kesler.  They make me smile everyday!

{Umm, let's be honest, this collection of glitter vials also makes me smile, even though it's encroaching on my photograph wall. I had to put them up lest they be opened by little hands!}

I love Carly's basinet, her blankets & her bubbas.  I can't wait to put her in it!

{my dresser complete with the elephant hanger Logan made for Carly's headbands}
{Our printer/DVD player/calendar}
One of the things that was most fun to unpack from our storage unit was my collection of journals.  

 My life (age 10 & on) spans three shelves and makes me so happy to see after four years separated!  

It's been a work in progress to make this space work for us, but we've found a way that does and it's awesome.

I have many more befores of the boys' room than I did of our room.  Their (giant) room had red walls and awesome sunlight, tons of space & bunk beds when we moved in.  


Same as with our room, we repainted the walls a semi-neutral ivory/pink that really plays up the sunshine we get from those two huge windows, and gave the room a fresh look.
We also invested in a few pieces of furniture-- an entertainment center that we use as "homeschool central", two sets of Ikea shelves and a giant table we use for homeschooling. 

 We also hung some art that had been in storage.

 We used the second bookshelf (the first went into my room for journals) to store books, movies, puzzles & homeschool curriculum.

 Logan's bed

 Jack's bed

 Wyatt's bed

 The boys' beds, all in a row.  It felt silly to not use the bunk beds, but these Ikea beds were only $30 each at a resale shop.  Plus, knowing I was pregnant (and only going to be more so as time passed) I didn't want to have to change sheets or make bunk beds.  

My sister said their three beds in a row remind her of the kids' nursery in Peter Pan and that makes my heart swell.

This is my grandma's rocking chair, which lived at my mom's house until I swept in and "borrowed" it for the boys' room.  I occasionally rock Wyatt in it (which is now reaching a hilarious state-- me grabbing at his legs and butt to keep him from falling, and him clinging like a monkey around my neck) but mostly I use it for read aloud during school and at bedtime.  

The boys' dressers are well organized and serve as a place to put their music, alarm clock, kleenex & other supplies. 

 These Ikea shelves were money well spent.  We had the boxes in the storage unit, so it made sense to buy an organization system that used them.  The open squares are used for homeschool curriculum, books and a tablet charging station.  I'm super happy with how they've worked out.

 By the end of Logan's bed we have the boys' laundry & our vacuum, plus Carly's crate filled with cloth diapers.  I'm not 100% sure if we'll cloth diaper or not, but I'm ready if I do decide to.

And this is the view from the boys' half of the great room.  Our beloved homeschool table (that is used more than any other piece of furniture we own) and all the homeschool storage behind it.  

I am really happy with how the space turned out and am so thankful for a safe, beautiful place to stay while our baby grows.  Just a few more weeks and she'll be sharing these rooms with us!!!  We can't wait!

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