Rockaway Beach-- First Trip of the Summer

One of the things we look forward to most when we're suffering through winter in rural Alaska is going to the beach to visit my grandparents.  It's about a two hour drive from our "home town" in Washington, and a journey we enjoy.

This time when we went, our car battery died when we stopped to get gas on our way out of town.  So with some help from Josh's mom (thank you, Grandma!) we limped over to get a new battery and hit the road!

Less than two hours later, we arrived at Grandma's house.

And took the boys to lunch at the Cow Bell, our favorite restaurant in Rockaway.

Taking the boys down to play on the beach used to be the part of the trip I dreaded most.  The twins would run in opposite directions, wearing Josh and myself out.  Now it is, hands down, the easiest, most relaxing part of our trip.

They love to dig in the sand, build sand castles & bury each other.

They also love to play frisbee & get their toes wet in the ocean.

After playing on the beach for what felt like an eternity, Grandma met us down there and we all walked to get ice cream together.

{The twins & my grandparents}
After ice cream, we headed back up to Grandma & Grandpa's house and let the boys ride their bikes up & down grandma's street.  It was such an awesome trip.  I was so happy to see my grandparents again after so long apart, and I was happy to make such great memories with our boys.


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