Carly has three brothers.  
And oh how those brothers love her.  

First thing in the morning when they wake up, they ask how Carly is, wanting to hold her and give her snuggles.  

Listening to Wyatt talk to her is my current favorite.  He talks in a super-syrupy-sweet baby voice and calls her "Babykins" or "Carlykins", which slays me!

He loves to snuggle her in his bed at bedtime the most, but will also hold her on the couch sometimes.  

Jack also loves to hold his sister.  He is so confident when he holds her.  He recently started standing when he's holding her, and while it makes nervous (and I try to limit it), it's also pretty adorable.

Jack also loves to hold her like this (on his knees) because that's how Josh holds her. It's so precious.  Tonight he was sitting with her like this on his lap and he asked what I thought she was looking at when she was staring into space.  I said maybe she's seeing Shirley, a friend of my grandma's who passed away the day after Carly was born.  Jack agreed.

Then he asked, "Do you think Shirley can see Carly from heaven?" I told him I didn't know, what did he think?  He thought for a minute and then said that if God can see us from heaven, then Shirley could maybe borrow his goggles (by which he meant binoculars) to look down at us. So, so cute.

 Tonight the twins decided to change Carly's diaper and put her in her pajamas while I helped Wyatt get ready for bed.  I came in just as they took off her dirty diaper and snapped this picture.  They were so cute, working together and talking Carly into cooperating.  

When they were done Logan said, "That was awesome! I wanna do that again tomorrow night!"  I love how helpful they've been with their little sister and am so happy for them to be so hands on.

She's one lucky little girl,
that's for sure.



Kristin in Alaska said...

The look on her face in that last picture! "Um, Mom, are you okay with this?" She's so expressive!

Tabitha Studer said...

so so sweet! something about a baby in the house just brings such a level of cozy and kindness! Your boys are so proud of their baby sis! what a lucky girl to have such caring and gentle big brothers! I love seeing all these pics!!