Carly at 3 Months

Today Carly is three months old.  At this point, it feels normal for her to be part of the family.  Do you know what I mean? It's natural to grab the diaper bag and car seat on my way out the door.  It's normal to stop and feed her real quick before heading into the grocery store.  
My favorite outfit!
New shoes!
Thanks, Nanny!

The boys call her Ruffle Butt or
Strawberry Butt.
They think they're so funny!

She passed out waiting for me to finish changing her!
Oh her smiles!
The sun was so bright!

"Daddy Makes Me Happy"

This little sweetheart has won us all over.  We are in a super good groove and she's such a blessing in our lives.  Her brothers love her and worry about her so sweetly.  Every morning they want to see her and make her smile, and every evening they want to hold her and snuggle her close.  Jack regularly changes her diaper and loves getting her ready for bed in her little jammies.  I am so grateful for he and Logan's help.

She is eating less often than when we first brought her home, which is a relief, but she still eats quite often during the day since she sleeps upwards of seven hours a night.  I say I'll feed her every hour during the day if it means she's going to sleep so well for me!  A baby that sleeps is a new idea for me!  I didn't sleep for like two years after I had the twins!

She is smiling all the time, and is now thisclose to giggling.  I can't wait until that happens!  I am enjoying her so very much and am so grateful God chose her for us.  Our little rainbow baby.



Tabitha Studer said...

eeee! what a sweet baby girl you have. I loved all the pictures of her and those sweet outfits!! She looks like she's comfortable and finding it normal to be in your family too! Sleeping all night!! yay! so happy for you guys and so soon to be all back together! xoxox

Holly said...

She really is adorable. :) :)

Holly said...

And I can't believe she's sleeping all night. My kids do that around age 2. ;)