5 Year SAHM-iversary!!!

Earlier in the spring, when I had just been released to walk and get a bit of exercise post c-section, I enjoyed taking afternoon strolls with the boys.  As winter receded from the northwest, and spring began to show it's signs, I found myself, on these walks, overcome with gratitude for the ability to be a stay-at-home mom.  To use the afternoon as I saw fit, to walk under blue skies in the middle of the day and to enjoy all the beauty on God's green earth.  It just felt so good.

It seemed fitting that around the time I was overcome with gratitude, I hit my five year anniversary of stay-at-home motherhood, and I honestly can't believe it's been five years.  I still remember with horrible accuracy how it felt to leave my kids and go to work.  I still remember crying both ways (there and back) and wishing so much that God would make a way for me to stay home.

Little did I know what He had in store.  As Josh wraps up our time in rural Alaska, I know that it was not a smooth road (there were some bumps-- anxiety, depression & the miscarriages...), but I also that that was how God made it possible for me to never have to leave the twins again. Or Wyatt ever.  And so it was worth every heartache or struggle.

As we wait to hear what the future holds (and where!) for our family, I am grateful that Josh sees my value in the home and has no desire for me work outside our family.  What a blessing that is to me.


Holly said...

This is so fun! My 7 year anniversary is coming up next month ;)

Tabitha Studer said...

Happy Sahm-iversary!! That's amazing and also so incredible how life works out, isn't it? From what I know about you, I don't imagine you would have changed your bush Alaska experience for another and its just goes to show ya that life has it's perfectly timed twists and turns! I am so excited to hear about what and where (!) you guys have planned next! You've all been in my thoughts and prayers! xxoxo