Our Van!

{Car shopping with little sister}
When Josh was home for a visit after Carly was born, we went car shopping. Specifically, we went van shopping.  I loved my Honda Pilot.  It was a great car, and we made it work with four kids, but it definitely wasn't ideal.  One of the twins had to climb in the back and usually got wet in the process (winter in the pacific northwest is soggy!)

So we found this amazing little lot in Portland (PDX Minivans) and test drove the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna.  Both had leather seats & a sun roof, which we wanted, plus low miles and a reasonable price, and honestly it came down to how much room there was in the middle seat when the middle seat was in between the captain's chairs. (Plus I hated the wood interior of the Sienna.) 

{The view from the back seat}
In some kind of magic, we got the car purchased and licensed, plus our Pilot sold all before Josh left for Alaska again.

I love the heated seats, the blue tooth for playing the music on my phone and the back up camera.  Plus I love the automatic doors

But mostly I love all the room our boys have now.
{The boys, all squished in our Honda Pilot}
{The boys, all spread out in the Odyssey}
Since Josh left the last time, we've started spring baseball, and the boys are all playing, so I have two teams I'm keeping track of and am practically living at the ball field.  The car makes all that driving so lovely.  I get to listen to my favorite music, have control of all the heat & AC (which extends all the way to the back, unlike the Pilot) and block the sun from Carly's eyes with the built in sun shades on each side window.

{The car wash!}
I may have loved the Pilot, but the Odyssey is definitely growing on me. 



Jane DeHoog said...

Thank you for the review of your new Honda van. You should go into doing commercials because now I want one!! I don't need it as you do but want to travel and visit family but mostly for my great-grand daughters, a German Shepherd, and anyone else who comes along. Sounds just right for the open road!

Amanda said...

I've had my odyssey for 9 years and still love it to death! If I could get a new car I would get the exact same thing! Love the room and every other family friendly thing about it! It was in the shop a few weeks ago and they gave me a new pilot to drive for the day. I couldn't wait to get my van back! lol:)

Lonnie said...

I love the way you have the mirror positioned so that you can see the baby's face at all times. My friend has done this also and I thought it was really cool. This is definitely not something that we saw done many years ago. The kids in the back look like they all have plenty of room too. Is there a third row seat? That's huge!

Lonnie @ Viva Chevy