In Spring, Baseball is Life

{Practice with dad while he was home for a visit was the best!}

I've got all three boys playing baseball this season, and while I hesitated to sign Wyatt up, I'm glad I did.  It's been a struggle, and I spend a lot of the time in the dugout with him negotiating (read: bribing) so he will do what he's supposed to, but I think he's learned a lot and it was a great first place for him to practice a little independence.  He's on a t-ball team (with saints for coaches. Seriously, the most patient group of men I have ever come in contact with!) and the twins are on a coach-pitch team that is all about learning the game.  Last week Jack was the Player of the Week and this week Logan was the Player of the Week.  I am so proud of how far they've come (mostly in understanding the game, but also in hitting and catching) since fall ball.  They've made some good friends & so have I. (Hi Brittany!!!)  It makes our weekends fun, gets us out in the sunshine and helps those crazy kids of mine burn off some energy!

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Holly said...

Aw I bet that little four year old team is adorable. We do soccer, but I do love the time spent at the fields. It always feels like coming back home at the beginning of each season. But I'm also always ready for it to end when it does. Ha.