Home Sweet Home- The First Week

From the very first night, we all slept like we were meant to be here.  No one woke up crying, no one had nightmares and not even once during the day did Wyatt call out "Mom?" or "Dad?" in a scared, frantic voice. From day one, it has truly felt like home.

So happy to be reunited with some of my favorite Alaska things!
The backyard has also been awesome from day one.  The kids have loved playing football, soccer & squirt guns back there.  And once the trampoline arrived from Aunt Julie, not a day has passed that they haven't jumped with the sprinkler under it.

Also from day one we've enjoyed having meals together in our dining room, chatting about the best parts of our day and slowly settling into a routine.

I wasn't the only one happy to be reunited with my things-- the boys, too, were overjoyed to be reunited with old favorites like their train set from Alaska.

Since these pictures were taken, some changes have been made, but these show our progress, so I'm going to share them this morning.

Here is Wyatt & Carly's room:

Here is Logan & Jack's room:

Here is the garage:

Here is my kitchen:

I just love my kitchen! If I could hug it, I would! ;)

The weather has been amazing since we moved.  In the high 90's everyday, with blue skies, it's been welcome after a mediocre summer weather-wise in Vancouver.

Here is our room:

I'm hoping to get a few more projects done this week while Josh is at work, and post another round of pictures before my sister visits next weekend so you can see my progress here in Week Three.  Thankfully the work doesn't overwhelm me, and I am really enjoying taking my time in making the space my own and unpacking/decorating at my own pace.

So happy to finally be here!


Kristin in Alaska said...

I see you have standing fans - do you guys have air conditioning? Those high temps would just kill me if I didn't have A/C!

Holly said...

It looks so good, shelly! I love the kitchen and the twins' room especially :)