Around Here: week 33

Average sleep? 4 hrs 39 min.
That is sad! 

Zoom in on that sucker-- it was huge!

Being... productive.  We have probably six boxes left in the office that need to be unpacked. (The garage is another story... but we're getting there!)  I found bookshelves for only $30 at Big Lots here in town, and I am repurposing a lot of what we have to make the house run how we need it to. It's so exciting to see it coming along.
Josh built a new side to the fence so the backyard is enclosed fully, and he replaced our master bath toilet.  I am finding him to be a jack of all trades and am so proud of how confident he is tackling everything the house needs.
Meanwhile I am finding homes for things, ordering curtains online and loving unpacking boxes of things I have long missed.  This week's ultimate joy was a box of books I had left behind in Alaska.

Watching... Carly grow. She's in the 75th %ile for height and weight, is drinking out of a sippy cup and has allowed me to lay her down for naps awake a few times, which was awesome.

Loving... Jack wanting to wear her in the Ergo. (Also? That dimple. I die!)

Sending... cards filled with love to Grandma Pansy & Grandma Carol.  The boys miss their people.  (So does their mother!)

Enjoying... the three big boys turning into big helpers with Carly.  When I need to cook dinner or unpack a box, they are amazing at keeping her happy.  I am also enjoying watching them jump on the trampoline.  Currently they are obsessed with jumping with the sprinkler on underneath it. So much squealing & giggling!

Smiling... every time I walk past my new kitchen curtains. They were purchased on a whim at Walmart, and have brought me so much joy every day! I love when something simple makes me so happy.

Cooking... all the things!  Banana bread, homemade pizza, and even my first cobbler!

Figuring out... my oven temps. It runs a bit hot, which has been a learning curve. The cobbler looked perfect on top, but was uncooked in the middle.  I'm hoping to try again soon, though. Maybe this time with blueberries instead of peaches.

Planning... meals for the next week.  To be reunited with my cookbook has been as happy as being reunited with my Kitchen Aid mixer!

Re-instituting... Friday Night Date Night for me & Josh, and Family Movie Night for Logan, Jack & Wyatt.  We missed these traditions during the year we were apart from Josh and starting them up feels very much like coming home again.

Sleeping... very little.  So much to do, so little time.  Did you see that average sleep on my FitBit report? 4 hours 39 minutes.  Pitiful! I am hoping to do better next week once Josh is back to work.

Killing... all the bugs.  Seriously.  The house has so many potato bugs, crunch bugs & spiders.  I am over it! Josh is spraying today and we're hopeful it will eliminate these creepy little guests!

Reading... Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  Its a book about writing and I am loving every page.  It is inspiring me to make time for writing & get back to what I love.

I also just finished July's second book club book When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.  It was a quick, sad, deep read that I really enjoyed.  The other July book club book was The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain, which I devoured!  Next up are Home Field by Hannah Gersen and What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross.  It's not to late to join our book club and enjoy a few more good summer reads!

Looking forward... to my sister and her family coming to visit next weekend.  We can't wait to show them our house and our new hometown!



Ashley B said...

Those curtains are perfect! Can't wait to see how you transform the house into a home!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I am missing you all so much and these pictures made my day!! Xoxo